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Problem generating rslib for a SmartComponent using RobotStudio SDK


I was having problems generating the simple example using Visual Studio 2022 with RobotStudio 2021.2, giving me the following error
error MSB3073: "C:\Program Files\ABB\RobotStudio 2021\bin\LibraryCompiler.exe"
I had to go to the solution properties, Build Events, and change the second post-build command from 
""$(ProgramFiles)\ABB\RobotStudio 2021\bin\LibraryCompiler.exe" "$(ProjectDir)\SmartComponent.xml"
"$(ProgramFiles) (x86)\ABB\RobotStudio 2021\bin\LibraryCompiler.exe" "$(ProjectDir)\SmartComponent.xml"

I leave it here in case someone bumps into the same problem.

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