943-1 Flexible conduit

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Hi all,
Where do I find information about the option 943-1 Flexible conduit for manipulator IRB2600ID? We have bought a robot (IRB2600ID-15/1.85) but somehow I've overlooked this option when placing the order.
Does this option only consist of the flexible cable protection hose, or is there some sort of fixing elements to the robot arm (I assume there should be)? I can't find any documentation about this, any information would be helpful.

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    There are two conduit assemblies available from aftersales (spare parts) 3HAC040611-002 (IRB2600ID 8/2.0) and 3HAC040610-003 for the IRB2600ID-15/1.85.
    The difference between the two is the length of the conduit. 

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