How to add "IoT Data Gateway" for a virtual controller in RobotStudio?

I use RobotStudio (2022.2, 64-Bit, Version 22.2.9947.0) to run the simulation of a small RAPID program in a virtual controller (ABB.RobotWare-7.7.0). Now, I want to provide the axis values of the robot (IRB6650S_90_390__03) via OPC UA Server. For this, I use "IoT Gateway" (v1.2.1). In "IoT Gateway Config" (v1.2.1.0) I use "Address" as the connection criteria and enter the path of my virtual controller ("C:\Users\<...>\Documents\RobotStudio\Projects\MyProject01\Virtual Controllers\IRB6650S_90_390". The controller is found and a "System ID" is shown but it is marked with "IoT Data Gateway option is missing in RobotWare. Communication with this robot controller is not possible." I think that my controller requires option "3154-1 IoT Data Gateway" to be accessible for IoT Gateway. Now the question: Is it possible to add this option to a virtual controller in RobotStudio? If so: how?