IRB640 with Standalone Controller in Robotstudio 2022

Hi All,
I would like to simulate an old IRB640 in RobotStudio 2022. I have the robot manipulator model itself, and have installed RW 5.16. 
I have looked at a few old tutorials that show how to use the Standalone Controller to control this robot, but they are based on on much older versions of RobotStudio. Im wondering if anyone can give me some instructions on how to to this with RobotStudio 2022, or at least point me in the right direction?


  • May I ask why the wish to use SAC?

    The main point of SAC, as stated in the manual is "Stand alone controller is an ABB controller delivered without an ABB robot. The purpose is to use it to control non-ABB equipment." Since the 640 is an ABB product and as such the inverse kinematic modes are baked into the RW the choice to TRY SAC is a curious one.