Open a Backup in RS 2022.2

I have some troubles with opening a backup on RS 2022.2. In the RS 2021 to open a backup I used to click on "New", then "Solution with station and virtual controller" and finally selection "Create from backup" and choosing the proper backup folder. I saw in RS 2022.2 this way is not possible anymore...Does someone know how it's possible to do the same with new version?
Thank you!


  • You can create a virtual controller from backup in the installation manager.
    The in your new solution/project you select use existing controller and choose the previously crated virtual controller.
  • DenisFR
    In File - New - Project - Controller, check "Create from backup"
    Then Select backup ...
  • veronavera

    Is it possible to create a new station with RS2022.2? I followed the suggestion above: created a virtual controller off a backup, and created a new empty station (File > New > Station).

    Yet, once the virtual controller is loaded to the new station, there doesn't seem to be a way to save the new station, as it was possible with previous versions. The only button enabled in the File menu, is 'Close Station'. 

    Thanks in advance for any help provided!
  • mandolas
    The 'DenisFR' solution seems to solve the problem, however the RW version contained in the backup must be installed on the RS, I've had problems creating a station with a version not installed on the RS and I couldn't.
    Hope to help.