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Station Logic - Pan View Function

First, I really like the station logic and I use it a lot to animate the whole machine in simulation.

Sometimes the logic becomes very complex and there is no possibility to pan the view without zooming out or dragging the scrollbar.

Would be great to pan just with middle mouse button, like in blender. For faster workflow.


  • Hello Eric,

    R&D agreed that this is a good idea.

    I have created a feature request in devops for it:

    1. Make it possible to pan up/down left/right while holding the Mouse3 button pressed.
    2. Make it so that the scroll wheel zoom centers on the location where the mouse cursor is over. So. in the Station Logic, if you are zoomed out (everything is very small), you can hover a SmartComponent and scroll the mouse-wheel to zoom in, the view zooms in over that particular item and brings it into view.
    This is what you had in mind, right?

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer
  • Yes, that's great! Much appreciated.