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PoseMover duration issues

RS 2022.2.1

I'm trying to operate a Device Mechanism in my simulation, using DOs from the VC.  I have that working, kinda, but there are some strange behaviors I haven't been able to iron out.

Firstly, if I put anything other than 0 into the Duration box of the PoseMover Properties, the PoseMover stops working.  Firing the DO (wired into the PoseMover's Execute input in Station Logic) causes the Executing output to become True, but the mechanism never moves, and the Executing output never goes False again.  I can still manually trigger the PoseMover from the Properties window, and it works properly, but it will not work for the Execute input.

If I keep the Properties.Duration value at 0, the PoseMover works with DOs from the VC program.  But the motion is instantaneous, regardless of what I set the Transition Times to in the Modify Mechanism window.

So, what is the Properties.Duration value supposed to do, and what could be preventing my Transition Times from having any effect?


  • Hello @DMcMillan

    I reproduced the Issue, using RS 2022.2.1:

    When a SC 'PoseMover' is deselected by the Simulation setup & the Simulation is running & the Property 'Duration' is not 0.0: If pulsing 'Execute', the DO 'Executing' switches/remains 1 forever. This can be handled via the 'Cancel' Input.

    The pose mover's Properties.Duration is respected (when running the Simulation) correctly by my tests.
    Was it selected as 'Simulate' when you ran the Simulation? 

    Best regards,