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How to exit in every moment from a certain state?

Hi all,

I'm doing an application with some task given from PLC that the robot must execute. I'm thinking to use CASE (one case per each task), but I'd need to exit each case immediately as soon as I receive an abort command. Is it the best way to do this to use a trap? Or are there some special instructions (like a WHILE instruction in which as soon as some condition is met you exit immediately the while cycle whithout reaching its end - I saw something like this in some other robot).
Thank you a lot!


  • Hi Dragolollo,

    There is a command called "ExitCycle" that might be useful to you, it forces the program pointer back to the start of your program, and can be executed from a TRAP routine that you could connect to an abort interrupt. There is an example in the description for the function in the RAPID Instructions, Functions and Data Types manual that you can access through RobotStudio, 

    Good Luck,