Track Load

We have an IRB 6700 with a IRBT 6004 track set up as a 7th axis. The integrator has a 10% acceleration ramp programmed into every track movement using accset. If the ramp is set any higher there are joint load errors for the 7th axis. Checking arm load data, the track has all zeroes configured for mass and COG. What is the proper method of setting up the arm load for a track? Does it need the mass of the robot and tool? Thanks for any help!


  • I found an moc from a 7600 mounted on a track, here are parts of it:


          -name "ROB_1" -use_robot_serial_number "rob_1"\
          -use_robot_type "ROB1_7600_3.05_325" -use_robot_calib "r1_calib"\
          -use_joint_0 "rob1_1" -use_joint_1 "rob1_2" -use_joint_2 "rob1_3"\
          -use_joint_3 "rob1_4" -use_joint_4 "rob1_5" -use_joint_5 "rob1_6"\
          -base_frame_orient_u0 0.707107 -base_frame_orient_u3 0.707107\
          -base_frame_coordinated "TRACK_1" -gamma_rotation 1.5708 -base_mass 308\
          -base_mass_centre_z 0.101106 -use_lin_jog "ROB1" -use_reorient_jog "ROB1"\
          -use_joint_jog "ROB1" -seven_axes_hp_motion "TRACK_1"


          -name "r1_load_1" -mass 9 -mass_centre_x 0.3 -mass_centre_y 0.3\
          -mass_centre_z 0.7

          -name "r1_load_2" -mass 7 -mass_centre_y 0.5 -mass_centre_z 0.6

          -name "r1_load_3" -mass 31.3 -mass_centre_x 0.4 -mass_centre_z 0.4

          -name "r1_load_4"

          -name "t1_load_1" -mass 390

    This is not to say that you should put these values in for your robot, but to show another, good working system had values where you are saying that you see none.  Further investigation is necessary.  They could even have incorrect acceleration and max torque values for the motor.
    Lee Justice
  • Hallo,
    a load for a track applies only for tracks made by ABB. For a customized track it should be sufficient to reduce the torque of the track-drive until there are no more load-errors with accset 100%.
    This should work with a ABB-track too I suppose.
  • Hallo,
    I was wrong. It is not torque to reduce but acceleration in acc_data (MOC).