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Does an interrupt always stop the robot motion?

edited September 2022 in RAPID Programming

I have this doubt: let say the robot is moving from point p1 to point p2; during this motion an interrupt occurs. In this situation, is the robot motion stopped until the trap routine has been executed or the motion continues until point p2 during the trap execution?
I'd like to use a time interrupt to update the robot current position each 0.5 seconds, but of course I don't want this to cause a jerky motion of the robot (I can't use multitasking because I dont't have this option).


  • It shouldn't stop unless you have something like StopMove, to make it stop.
    Lee Justice
  • Thank you a lot! Do you know which is the manual where I can find information about this? (how motions instructions are treated with respect to logic instructions)
  • Rapid kernel reference manual is good.  Instructions, functions and datatypes as well.
    Lee Justice