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IRC5 with a Cognex 7600 on end of arm, how do i use 180 deg rotation from 2nd pick up?

So we are picking up detail from feeder bowl with camera and would like more than one orientation to pick up and have robot head spin to one location after pickup to put detail on nest.


  • Are you using Rapid programming
  • Yes slim1978 i am using RAPID, is that where i would add an additional pick up? as of now I only have one detail orientation pick-up and at least add one more pick-up 180 deg.
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    Lee Justice
  • lemster68 my biggest problem is on the Cognex side having it pick up 2 different orientations of the detail i am still testing it out but with one it picks up fine but it takes a while for the detail to come in the right orientation so i was thinking if i added one more it would go twice as fast....