EGM Position Guidance: How to Control TCP speed given a path?

Kappa95 Milan
Hello Community,

I hope that someone can clarify to me how to use EGM Position Guidance for sending a smooth path (a sequence of poses with a certain spacing) that the robot must follow with a specified speed. I have set up the StateMachine Add-in on the virtual controller of the robot (IRB 2400 with RW 6.08.00) and I have written a simple C++ code that reading a list of poses from a text file send the poses using the "lib_egm" ( The issue is that the robot moves with speed faster if the poses are far or slower if they are closer. But I haven't understood how to quantify those.

I read the application manual of the EGM but I don't find hints on how to determine and define a speed/accelerations. I have understood that EGM is not a path-planner and It is what I need. The goal is: Design trapezoidal speed profiles (or smoother) given acceleration and deceleration and a smooth path?

Thank you so much in advance