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Error 90541 comes up after every restart of controller

I'm setting up a IRB6700 with IRC5. Once I give the controller in SafeMove Pro a tool and restart, I get error 90541 (Superior Stop opened by the Safety Controller)

- One or more safety supervision functions has detected an active violation.
- Error in the safety controller cabling.
- Check the event log for active safety function violations, and take the recommended actions to remove the violations.
- Check the safety controller cabling.)

I get the error both in RobotStudio and the controller. So it is not possible to be the cabling. When I reset SafeMove to Factory settings and put in a tool, the alarm comes back on.

I have no idea what causes the problem, because I didn't make any safety adaptations.
The only weird thing is that I can acknowledge the alarm and afterwards it stays away until I restart again.

Anyone an idea? 


  • 90526: Safety Controller Automatic Mode Warning
    The active safety controller configuration has not been locked.

    Comes up at the same time. 
  • It is only possible to fix it in the pfysical controller, not the VC. In the pfysical one I fixed it by sychronizing the sc
  • Hi I'm opening this issue again.

    I have an IRB1600 with an IRC5 Compact with SafeMove Pro and in many occasions I'm getting the error 90541 the only safety configuration I've done is the robot position synchronization and stop the robot with the safety input SDI_00. 
    Even the alarm is triggered after the change from Manual to Automatic Mode or while the Enable button from Flex Pendant is activated.
    A serie of Error messages are triggered before the Error 90541 is finally displayed and the system doesn't permit move the robot.
    I add the Error messages in order of appereance:
    -90526, Safety Controller Automatic Mode Warning
    -90523, Safety Controller Protective Stop triggered
    -90793, SD_IO_8 bytes Operator Acknowledge
    -90216, Enabling device active in Auto mode
    -90781, Safe Local I/O GPIO input is unstable
    -90526 (x4), Safety Controller Automatic Mode Warning
    -90781, Safe Local I/O GPIO input is unstable
    -90526, Safety Controller Automatic Mode Warning
    -90781, Safe Local I/O GPIO input is unstable
    -90780, Two-channel fault in Safety Controller
    -90663, Unstable Operating Mode selector input
    -90836, Safety Controller has entered safe state
    and finally -90541

    The only way to remedy this issue is restarting the robot controller but in sometimes the robot synchronization is missed and I have to do it again.

    Could be electrical problem or software?