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Error 90541 comes up after every restart of controller

I'm setting up a IRB6700 with IRC5. Once I give the controller in SafeMove Pro a tool and restart, I get error 90541 (Superior Stop opened by the Safety Controller)

- One or more safety supervision functions has detected an active violation.
- Error in the safety controller cabling.
- Check the event log for active safety function violations, and take the recommended actions to remove the violations.
- Check the safety controller cabling.)

I get the error both in RobotStudio and the controller. So it is not possible to be the cabling. When I reset SafeMove to Factory settings and put in a tool, the alarm comes back on.

I have no idea what causes the problem, because I didn't make any safety adaptations.
The only weird thing is that I can acknowledge the alarm and afterwards it stays away until I restart again.

Anyone an idea? 


  • 90526: Safety Controller Automatic Mode Warning
    The active safety controller configuration has not been locked.

    Comes up at the same time. 
  • It is only possible to fix it in the pfysical controller, not the VC. In the pfysical one I fixed it by sychronizing the sc