Not possible to get TCP speed with EGM.

Kappa95 Milan
Dear community,

I am trying to migrate my robot tasks towards a flexible manner using EGM instead of socket communication for receiving poses from a clients and execute them with MoveL. In order to study/test EGM I need to know the TCP speed and I wrote a stupid C++ program with abb_libegm and abb_librws for getting speeds. The issue is that when I am using the State machine Add-in and I set up the system output and analog output for the TCP speed I read always 0. Also from the I/O panels. 
Have you have already solved the problem?
I checked the EIO.cfg and it is set same as my old station with socket communication where TCP speed is readable.

Thank you so much in advance



  • lemster68
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    Is the output a true analog output, going to a board's analog output?
    Lee Justice
  • Kappa95
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    The Analog Output is not assigned to any physical device actually.

    Because it seems that the system output "TCP speed" provides the speed only inside MoveL, MoveJ etc... instructions. And not in MoveActPose and other EGM instructions.

    Image: AO definition
    Image: System Output definition: