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Collision Error Handling

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Hi all,

I'm currently in the process of setting up an older system, and I have some troubles finding  the "CollisionErrorHandling" system parameter.
Robot: IRB 6600
RW 5.16.0005.00

I have never set it up in a RW 5. But i know that in RW 6 and above, the system parameter is under: Configuration > Controller > General Rapid > CollisionErrorHandling:

RW5, the "General Rapid" is not in the tree.  How do I enable that system parameter then?

Martin Greve


  • lemster68
    Sorry, but it was not introduced until RW 6.x
    Lee Justice
  • Thanks for the answer Lee.

    I thought I would be able to use it, since the robot has the "613-1 Collision Detection" option. 
    I will have to see what I can do to get around this. 
    Martin Greve
  • From the RAPID overview manual:
    The digital output MotSupTrigg goes high when the collision detection triggers.
    It stays high until the error code is acknowledged, either from the FlexPendant or through the digital input AckErrDialog.

    So you may be able to use an interrupt/trap routine based on this signal....
  • Thanks for the input graemepaulin.

    I will look into that.
    Martin Greve
  • Newman
    I once made my own poor mans ”collision detection” by looping moveL fine points and reading axis 2 torque with GetMotorTorque every loop. When axis 2 torque changed e.g. 20% I knew the robot touched something.
    Swedish freelance ABB robot programmer