Robot Base frames on a multi-move system on robot studio


Im trying to create a multi-move system with 4 robots. (IRB 2600 x 2, IRB 1600 and a IRB 1200). However I am having real difficulty moving the Base frames for each robot individually. I am using Robot studio 22.7, and IRC5 controller and Robot ware is 13.

I started by importing a SAT file of the system and importing each other the robots from the library and placing them. After this, I created a virtual controller from layout.

However each robots Wobj0(base) is related to the the World Origin of Robot studio, Therefore jogging the robots, creating Wobj's and positions is not possible as they are out of reach to robots. 

I have used motion configuration to try re-place these base frames, However although the position looks good - when I restart the controller nothing changes. 

Im just starting to familiarise myself with RS and so i could of easily missed something silly. Any help of advice would be greatly appreciated :) 

Thanks in advance 


  • Change robot option to 604-2 Multimove Indpendent.
    Knud Erik Lindberg
    Jorgensen Engineering