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Fail to copy Data from SMB to Controller

We have a new controller that is giving the error "Robot Memory Data Difference", and also because of that, we can not update the rev counter for one axis.

I believe what occurred is the controller got confused as the electricians turned parts on in stages as the full build progressed.  The controller would have been powered up without the physical robot connected; then I suspect the rev counter got incorrectly set because it would have been in transport configuration. (4ax robot, so easy enough to confuse ax 2 & 3 )

I have tried the copy setting from SMB to the controller; the robot restarts (inc cold) but the fault persists.

The information in the robot controller looks correct (serial numbers, fine calibration); but the status display shows a mismatch between the controller and SMB. The status information shown is correct, and the information is valid, just not matching.

Any solutions to this?

I could push controller settings to the SMB, but I consider the SMB the master and once I do that I have no way of getting back what might be on the SMB.