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Perform accurate movements with Flexpendant

Hi all,
Is it possible to perform accurate movements with teach pendant in manual mode?
Let say that jogging I get very close to a desired position, then there I want to adjust it with an increment of 1 mm, is it possible to set exactly this increment along a certain axis?
Or is it possible to tell to the robot to go to position (x,y,z,rx,ry,rz) giving to it all these values (without saving the desired position before and using "Go To...")?


  • This is from the system parameter manual:

    6.16.3 Configurable Linear Step Size
    Configurable Linear Step Size belongs to the type Jog Parameters, in the topic
    Cfg name
    Configurable Linear Step Size defines the step size for user-defined incremental
    linear jogging.
    Linear jogging step size is set in meters.
    Allowed values
    0 - 0.005 meters.
    Lee Justice