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Linearmovement using MoveJ

How to move in linear line when using different Robot Configurations on both Targets?
I want to move from (X,Y,Z) 300,1000,620 to 300,1000,950, but because the Robot need 2 different configurations for both target I can only use MoveJ.
But MoveJ give a slight curve move between those 2 lines.
Is there any way to minimize the curve move of MoveJ?
Or should I just make more targets between the 2 Targets?



  • Hi, Try a command, 'ConfL' to avoid robot configuration issues as follows. 

    MoveJ p10, ...
    MoveL p20, ...

  • I tried the solution but it said 50026 - close to singularity
    when I try to move the TCP with Jog Linear the robot can perform what I want but it can not move automatically
  • Then you can add SingArea/wrist or even LockAxis 4 if your robotware supports that latter command.
    Lee Justice
  • EricH
    edited November 2022
    This looks more like a problem of reachability, if you run into singularity. Should work if you bring your part or tool somewhere else. Often times you can avoid such problems by giving your tool an angle, but it highly depends on the positioning of everything in your cell.

    Also try another orientation, if possible.
  • setyowmv
    edited November 2022
    Thank you for all the help
    SingArea \LockAxis 4 together with moveL fulfill my need
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