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How to show robtarget data in instruction line

Hi guys, when we record a robtarget via the teach pendant, the xyz position comes up in the MoveJ instruction line itself.
When we do the the position in robotstudio, the robtarget xyz position data is defined at the top as a constant.

Can we change this in RS so the xyz is defined  in the MoveJ?
I'm sure I've read it somewhere,  but can't find it.

I guess for most people, it's an unsightly mass of numbers which are not really needed to be seen, and p10, p20 etc is far neater. But on a paint Robot we have to have set brushes to toggle gun on and off each time so we have to refer to the xyz of each robtarget and having to scroll to the top of page and find p1350 for example takes ages!


  • EricH
    EricH Germany
    edited November 9
    As I know, even if you teach with the raw data in the move instruction, teach pendant will display it as asterix *

    Another method to find a robtarget faster is using the program data view and filter it out with its name.

    Another way and probably the preferred one is: mark the target, then go to Debug->View Values

  • lemster68
    lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    There should be an option in RS to show/hide literals.  The last option mentioned by Eric is the one that I use most often, for many years now.
    Lee Justice