FlexPendant does not show updated ScreenMaker project after deployment

After the first ScreenMaker project deployment to the FlexPendant any consecutive changes to the project are not reflected on the FlexPendant after deploying it.

However, if change the project name and load it as new screen it will show correctly on the FlexPendant... and keep the old project as well

I even manually deleted the dll files from the FlexPendant home dir (/hd0a/4600-.../HOME/) and restarted the system, and still the screen remains .

ScreenMaker 6.13.4007
FlexPendant SDK 6.13.4007

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  • nicolahinssen
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    From the FlexPendant SDK known limitations:

    With RobotWare 6.0 the controller's restart will no longer reset the FlexPendant memory. This was part of an effort to improve the restart time of the controller. 

    This means that after placing a new FlexPendant application file(s) on the FlexPendant unit, you need to manually reset the FlexPendant for it to reload its assets. 

    To manually reset the FlexPendant you need to use the reset button on the FlexPendant's backside. (See Operating Manual – IRC5 with FlexPendant, 3HAC16590)


  • iliian
    Thank you @nicolahinssen.

    I did figure this out after few very frustrating hours, but now I know the reason behind this strange behavior as well.