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How to deactivate external axis of the robot (mechanical unit/track)?

I have a system which consists of IRC5 controller (RW6), IRB4600 robot and track (7th/external axis/mechanical unit; robot connected and mounted to it -> MU400). I want to create "stations" for the robot/track in a way that I can move between the stations on a track but once I reach the station track should be deactivated (7th/external axis) so that I can only move the robot. Once task is ready in the first station the track should be activated so that I can move to the other station and so on...

So for example I have a first station on the track in position 1m and second station on the track in position 2m. I need to move between the stations but when I am at the station I want to lock the track (7th/external axis) so that I can create a program to this station without that the robot is moving on a track. How I can do this?

I have already tried to use ActUnit and DeactUnit commands but the DeacUnit isn't working (error 40513 Mechanical Unit Error).


  • You have to have in your motion parameters "Deactivation allowed".
    Lee Justice