CIP Safety Comms, Studio5000 & IRC5

I have an application where I am trying to set up communications both safe and standard between my IRC5 and a Safe Rockwell PLC.

IRC5 Options
841-1 Ethernet/IP Scanner/Adapter
997-3 CIP Safety Adapter
996-1 Safety Module
1125-2 SafeMove Pro

I followed the example in "Application Manual - Functional Safety and SafeMove2" to set up a generic safety and standard hardware configuration.


Configuation -> Communication -> IP Setting
added an IP Setting attached to LAN, IP:, Labeled "Machine Network"

Configuation -> Communication -> Ethernet/IP Internal Device
Updated the default internal device name to match that in the SafeMove configuration

Configuation -> Communication -> Industrial Network
Set "Connection" to "machine network"

Set NodeID to match "Machine Network"

The controller is happy with everything set as it is however both in RSlinx and online with the PLC they report a invalid segment type error.

Im stumped, anyone who has got CIPSafe comms up and running with an AB PLC I would very much appreciate any help.


Below is a link to some screen shots of the various settings I have set.


  • SWoollett
    I have coms up and running.
    Ultimately I set the unused input and output assembly instance to 199 and the configuration assembly instance to 128 with a data size of 0.

    I also had to reduce the data size for standard data to 32 as I was receiving an error "module connection limit exceeded"

    I set the RPI for safety to 20ms and 30ms for standard as per the abb cip safety eds file