Using external camera to send coordinates to the omnicore controllers for picking up object?

Hello All,

I am relatively new to ABB robots, I am working on a project to set up a Vision algorithm which would send coordinates to the robot for picking up the object. I plan to use Ethernet IP for this connection where I would make my PC a server for the vision and the robot would be a client which is IRB 1200 with an omnicore controller and RW 7. I am referring to the following manual:
I have the following questions:
- Is it possible to create my PC as a server using ethernet IP as the manual states ethernet IP can be used only to connect another omnicore controller or a PLC?
- What is the best way to connect the external camera with the robot to send the coordinates? 
- If I understand correctly the PC with the camera would be an external scanner and my robot would be an internal adapter in this setting right?
- Is it possible to send the coordinates to the robot using a python script?

Ps. I am already available to ping the robot via the PC using a switch and the service port.

Thank you so much in advance.

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Aadesh Shah


  • There are not any Ethernet/IP packages to run on a computer that turn it into a server. With that said, the easiest answer for communicating information from a computer to a robot is to verify that you have the PC interface option on your robot and use the PCSDK. This will let you use a .net framework program that you can create to set variables and control a robot. Otherwise, you best option is to use socket communication with TCP/IP. There are some paid solutions for getting Ethernet/IP to run on a computer but it is not free and I can't speak for its usefulness.