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SoftMove - faulting when disabling Cartesian soft servo CSSDeactMoveL

I have an application where we want to use CSS to allow the end-effector to fully engage with a bracket we are picking up from a stack.

I enable CSS using the following command

CSSAct \RefFrame:=CSS_REFFRAME_WOBJ, CSS_Z \StiffnessNonSoftDir:=50 \Stiffness:=1 \AllowMove;

Then move to engage with the part, enable vacuum and then move away and disable CSS

CSSDeactMoveL p1, v50, tool1\WObj:=wobj1;

The robot moves to p1 no issue but once it reaches it throws a series of errors (I'll list them later) mostly to do excessive servo speed.

I read through the manual and see that if you are using safe move to setup a contact application tolerance, i configured this and it didn't seem to help.

Does anyone have experience with this?

Few things I will try is setting the CSSDeactMoveL position to the robot current position and disabling SafeMove to see if it is that which is causing the issue.


  • I have used Softmove and Safemove together and I just added a CAP to all my safe zones.
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  • Thanks, I found calculating a robotarget from the current joint position and then use that as the target position when disabling CSS fixed the issue.