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Configure an External axis: which hardware use/what is compatible?

Dear community,

I want to add an external axis to have a rotating table synchronized with the robot movement.
I gave a look to the following manuals: "Application manual
Additional axes and stand alone controller", "Product Manual - IRC5" and "Product Manual - Motor unit and gear unit".
But I have the followin question:
I have to use only ABB motors for additional axis? In the Additional axis says about non-abb robot compatibility so it extends also on motors?
In case other motors are compatible, can I use servo motors such as "Mitsubishi HG-KN" series with their Servo amplifier? Or in case I want to use that hardware I have to configure a mitsubishi PLC which communicates by signals with the controller?

Thank you so much


  • Hallo, to achieve a synchronized movement with the robot, I suppose at least the servo controller should be Abb-type.