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Interlink connection problems [WebWare Server]


     Hi all

We run WWserver in a medium size system, after a couple of missunderstanding in update process we had to go back from 4.7 to 4.6.

After installing WWServer and setting up a remote datacollector the problems started.

The status shown in the WebWare Server Interface Configuration is disconnected.The only thing i see in my WW browser is some blue ghosts.   image

I've been back and forth, up and down, What could i have missed?


Best  regards

// Micke



  • Hmm, what was the misunderstanding that made you go back?

    Regarding a Disconnected status that could be caused by a couple of things and it's hard to say exactly what with the little data you provide. But here are some common ones:
    You have no connection to the database (check in the WW site Admin > Database > Database Configuration). You have a mismatch of Server-Datacollector (check that the version of the server is the same as the datacollector). The hostname is correct but the IP Address has changed (Edit Host File to see the IP Address).

    If you look in the User's guide page 26 you will find that the blue ghost stands for:
    "Unavailable - A "ghost" device, meaning a device that exsists in the plant model, but is not connected."
    So you are looking at a "logical view" which is no longer pointing to the right devices. (You can easily switch from Logical/Physical view in the WebWare site by clicking the 'dotted' buttons above the device tree.) You fix this by opening the Device Configuration, View > Plant Model, click the Edit button and set things up as you want it.


               Hi all

      ...and thanks  image The problem was a missmatch between database versions. The solution was to delete the devicelog database and let WW create a new. Up and running again.  image

       best regards