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This is an Add-in I have been using for a while and decided to share with the community.
It loads robotstudio hotkeys on the Stream deck and makes actions easier to perform.

This tool makes it easier to make actions in robotstudio without having to open menus or lose mouse focus. See list with available actions below.

How to install:

Download rspak file, open Add-ins tab in robotstudio. Click Install and select package.

Download link.

How to use:

Open Add-ins tab in robotstudio and click Robotstudio Stream deck in the topbar.

Click connect to load hotkeys to Stream deck.

Click disconnect to unload hotkeys from Stream deck.

When changes to binding list has been made, press Connect to reload new changes to Stream deck.

More information about how to use and a list of avalible actions can be found here.

Latest avalible version:

How to ask for support / feedback:

Write a post in this thread.

I would like to add a new action. How?:

If you would like to contribute and add new actions to the addin, share a c# class looking like this:
public class ChangeToMoveJ : StreamdeckKeyobject
    public ChangeToMoveJ()
        Keyname = "Change moveinstruction to MoveJ";
        Image = RsStreamdeckImages.bitmapJchange;
        Action = () =>
            RsMoveInstruction pos = Selection.SelectedObjects.SingleSelectedObject as RsMoveInstruction;
            if (pos == null)
                Logger.AddMessage(new LogMessage("No move instruction selected"));
            pos.Name = "MoveJ";
Keyname is a string with the name of the action.
Image is a PNG image displayed on the Stream deck. 
Action is the code to be executed when button is pressed. 

Screenshots / Images:

Systemintegrator - Web / C# / Rapid / Robotstudio

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