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A few questions about the welding

Hello everyone, my english is not that good, sorry in advance. There are multiple continuous welds between the 2 parts. I'm writing the necessary routines for the welds, it welds the first piece normally, but while welding the next pieces, there is some slippage between the weld points, I still can't find the reason for this, although the piece continues to do this, even though it is fixedly connected. I don't know exactly where the problem is what can I do about it.




  • Hallo,
    are the pieces exactly the same? Maybe it makes sense to have a measurement by wire or nozzle to adopt your program to to the next work piece.

  • Are you welding single stringers or is it multipass stringers? 

    You need to remember that when you weld, distortion will take place. When you program the welds, make sure to take consideration for the distortion in your second weld. 

    A way to counter this, is what Matti suggested. Maybe do a search for the joint before welding with either the wire or nozzle. I prefer the nozzle because the wire might be slightly curved and therefore will place you tcp out of position if not calculated correctly. 

    Also confirm that you parts are fixed properly and your fixture does not have any tolerances too big that might cause that.
  • Thank you for your answers. While I was writing the routine, I made it based on the wire length, as you said, I don't know exactly how I can do it through the nozzle.

  • If you're using SmartTac and the Search1D function, you must remove the Wire optional parameter from the instruction. Just check because sometimes it is not possible to accurately use the nozzle then you need to weight up your options if you can use the Wire to search and you you can correct your program with that adjustment. Also are you using WeldGuide for the passes? If you use the WeldGuide, you will be able to correct the weld automatically if your parameters is set correctly.

  • I don't use a weld guild because it is very expensive in the country I live in and I want to use it, but this is not possible, I wonder what the prices are in the country where you live