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Addin: Measure surface angle

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Select 2 surfaces and get the angle between them.

How to install:

Download rspak file, open Add-ins tab in robotstudio. Click Install and select package.

Open Add-ins tab in robotstudio.

Right-click Doubleclick to center in the left panel.

Select load add-in.

If you want add-in to start automatically when robotstudio starts, select Autoload add-in.

How to use:

To start measuring go to Modeling ribbon, click Measure Surface angle button.


Click button in 3D window. 

Current selector will change to surface.

Select 2 surfaces. 

Result is printed in 3D view, and selector is restored to previous state. 

Latest avalible version:

How to ask for support / feedback:

Write a post in this thread.

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