4 points Z method

I want to calibrate the base frame of an external positioner MTD750 but in the flex pendant it asks for a 4 points Z method, the manual explains how to calibrate a 4 point XZ method but its not the same. Does anybody knows this method?. Thanks in advance.

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  • revans
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    If you find the Application manual- Additional Axes and standalone controller, it is located on page 99. It is in section where they define the rotation of a single axis.

    The user coordinate system for the rotational axis has its origin in the center of the turntable. The z direction coincides with the axis of rotation and the x axis goes through the reference point. The reference point is whatever point you are using for the robot to point at.

    Select point 1 and jog the robot as close as possible to the reference point. Modify position and repeat that for points 2, 3, and 4. 

    Jog the robot to a position where the tool center point (TCP) touches an imaginary extension of the desired positive z axis. In this case, this point should be along the rotational axis of the turntable (above the turntable). This is only to define the positive direction of the z axis. It is not used to increase the accuracy of the calibration. The exact direction of the z axis is defined as the normal of the xy plane.

    That should define it for you. This is all done inside the calibration menu under the base frame menu. Best of luck