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Virtual Teach pendant and Screenmaker "Failed to Initialize"

I'm running the most recent version of robotstudio, and am trying to set up an on-pendant HMI using screenmaker.   I am connected to a live robot ( one-click connect ) and when I create any screenmaker HMI and build/deploy it, I get the error message saying it cannot find part of the path.   

When I am connected to a virtual controller and use ScreenMaker, I have no problems... only a live robot.    Even a blank mainscreen causes this error on my RobotStudio with the live robot. 


Failed to initialize Virtual Flexpendant

System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException:  Could not find part of the path'C:hd0a\threebears\PRODUCTS\RobotWare_6.13.4007\vcbin'.  at System.IO._Error.WiniOError(Int32 ErrorCode, String maybe FullPath)   etc   


  • cmaynard
    The solution was that you can't use the virtual flexpendant on a real system ( only a virtual system ).   It would be nice if a dialog box popped open saying that rather than a cryptic error message.