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Seam Finding with 1D Laser sensor.

We are working with Cameras 3D and Sensors to prove some concepts in welding field.
i'm working with a Keyence 1D laser sensor, which is plugged in our ABB IRC5 that read the analog signal. 
i'm looking to find a seam in the ABB world, where the robot will move and detect the height change and come back to the point where it changed. 
Do you guys have experience with that ? does-it exist Add-Ins or modules that can do this. 
Thank you. 


  • Hallo,
    I would try to set a threshold value in your camera ("seam"/"no seam"). Then your camera can set an input for the robot if the seam is there. This input you might use with SearchL to make a search run with the robot. This will give you exact position of the seam-start.