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Continuous Torque Measuring

Has anyone had success in creating RAPID code for RW 5.15.XX that continuously measures motor torque?

In this facility it has been requested to continuously monitor torque on multiple systems that are exclusively non-TCP (i.e. external axes only) for up to 14 axes simultaneously, or perhaps in serial fashion.

As a foreground task the procedures with the TestSignDefine instruction and TestSignRead function has worked on a single axis. However when converted to a background task it is inevitable that a Use TestSignDefine to define a signal to the channel. 40779 error will result. That unexpected undefined signal –which IS defined– error seems related to timing. And this happens with only a single axis monitored. 

TuneMaster Log Signals and Test Signal Viewer are not options because they are manually activated and cataloging result history is problematic. Additionally logging overflow is a regularly occurring problem.

Any suggestions would be welcomed. 




  • Hallo,
    do you have any messages in event-log under topic "internal" when this error occurs?
    Sometimes it gives some more clues.
  • No those dreaded internal errors have not been found.

    What has worked is a delay between defining the test signal and use of the function:

    TestSignDefine 1,9,mech_unit,3,0.001;
    WaitTime nSigDelay;