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Reference to unknown function StrFormat

edited February 24 in RAPID Programming

The code snippet below (ignore what it does, it is just to give an example) works well if using an Omnicore controller in RobotStudio, but it gives the error "Reference error(129):  Reference to unknown function StrFormat." if using IRC5 with RobotWare 6.10.02.

According to the RAPID reference manual, the functions is supported in both IRC5 and Omnicore. The example below is the one provided in the documentation.

    PROC main()
        TPWrite StrFormat(text1 \Arg1:="robot" \Arg2:="fast");
Is this a bug in RobotStudio or in the documentation, or am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks and best regards,
Hugo Costelha


  • It may be that it is available only in a higher version of RW6.xx.
    Lee Justice