Defining a TCP without rotational axis.

Afternoon guys, 

I was looking for some advise on defining a TCP on an ABB Flexpicker (IRB360) robot with an IRC5 Controller. 

I have only done this with 6 axis robots before and I cannot find any documentation about how to define this without being able to rotate around the point to different configurations. I have added tool data from CAD, however there must be something off with the gripper build as this is not accurate enough for the application. 

If someone had some advise or could point me in the direction of the correct manual that would be great. 

As always thanks in advance :) 


  • Hallo,
    I looked into product-manual of IRB360 and it seems to me, that you have to use just tool0 and add a load
    (with a mass center and moment of inertia probably).