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Getting home position of mechanical unit from PC SDK

Hello all, 

This is my first post here and I am fairly new to the whole robot environment so sorry in advance if my question seems easy to figure out. 

I am trying to access a certain position ("Home") of a mechanical unit of my controller. I tried getting it through the GetPosition() but I juste got a target, which is good but I would love it to be the name of the position so that I don't have to add a control on the target I got from the method. 

Does anybody know if it's possible to get the name of a specified pose of a mechanical unit. I know you can get them through RobotStudio so I assume you can from th PC SDK. 

Thank you in advance !


  • Nils Olofsson
    I am not sure i understand what you are looking for. 
    Get Position will return the current position of the mechanical unit described as a joint target or a rob target, the position does not have a name, it is just a snapshot of where the robot is at the moment of when the method is called. 

    Can you elaborate a bit more on what you are trying to achieve?

    Nils Olofsson
    PC Software Support Engineer