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Connect and write serial strings to Arduino device

Dear community,

I want to connect my Arduino with the IRC5 controller to send serial commands with strings. Is it possible to use the USB ports (X10-X11)?


  • matti
    Hallo, I had to look what an Arduino is about ...
    To use USB X10/11 your device must have some sort of IP with DHCP.
    I don not know if this is possible.
    But you have I/O-pins that works like I/O at a PLC.
    So might send your strings one after each other by binary coding 8 bits (inputs).
    0100 0000 = "@" (ASCII 256)
  • Kappa95
    Hence, in the end is needed to have a device with TCP/IP communication
  • matti
    I/O's from PLC are usually connected by bus to the controller. But if you manage to connect your I/O pins with the I/O board of the controller directly, you might go a.m. way.