IRB1400 S4C+ with IRBP A 250 -> upgrade IRC5


Hi All,

I have a IRB1400 S4C+ robot with two IRBP A 250 workpiece positioner.

I have two question:

1. Can I upgrade the controller from S4C+ to IRC5? I read all manual and compare the robot parts numbers, and I see: If the motors made by yaskawa, the robot is same. But only IRC5 drive04 or IRC5 drive09 with RW5.xx. (RW6.xx work with only IRB1410) Does anyone have any experience?

2. External axis: This axis have MTC750 and MTC250 gearbox with motors. But I see in the manuals only MTD gearbox with IRC5 controller. It is possible then the IRC5 controller can use MTC gearbox? Does anyone have any experience?

Thank You the answer