cross connection

I have a quick question about cross connections. 

Is it possible to make the resultant go to 0 when the actor is 0. 

When I try to make a cross connection I can see that I can invert the actor but not the resultant. 


  • I might be wrong but you have to change the default value for the resultant signal to make it change to 0.
  • Gotcha I will have to look into that. Thanks for the point in a direction lol. 
  • Alright I played around with it in a virtual controller and I think I figured out that I am barking up the wrong tree lol. 

    A little more info on what I'm trying to do. I have a bit that is homeseqcomplete which as you would imagine turns on after I run home. I want to set it up so that when I put the robot in manual that bit turns off and stays off when I put it back in auto forcing you to run the home program once back in auto. I was hoping I could use a cross connection to turn it off but it turns it back on when I go back into auto so thats not quite what Im looking for. Any idea on what I could use to achieve this. Sorry if this is a basic question Im still learning. 
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    Simple question...Why?  If you put it into manual, would it not still be at home?  And if it was not at home, a world zone check would tell you that.  Maybe that is the bit that you ought to be examining.
    Lee Justice
  • well the problem is that if you switch it to manual and jog away it will stay on and the hmi will not allow it to home as long as homeseqcomplete is on. The plc is looking for it to be at home which I have a world zone set up for and if homeseqcomplete is on then it will not home again however if it is just home and homeseqcomplete is off then the hmi can home the robot. Personally I think that it should just be looking at my home DO that is set up to my world zone but this is how they want it set up. 
  • I think part of the rational of it is that it has a clip driver and when we home it it goes to rejects and spits a clip to clear the tool then goes home. If it is just in the home position then it could still have a clip in the tool as we use the home location for other things. So if homeseqcomplete is off then we just assume that there is still a clip in the tool and need to still go to rejects. 
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    There is no part present switch for the clip?
    Lee Justice
  • It has a sensor to see a clip went through the tube but not to see if there is one in the jaw. 
  • I've been playing around with my I/O in robot studio and still have not been able to figure out how to shut off a DO when I put it in manual mode. I have played around with the cross connections however it seems to just turn my DO back on when I go back into auto which isn't what I want. I'm really just looking for when AUTOMODE goes to 0 to make my DO 0 and not really care if AUTOMODE is 1 is this possible or do I have to come up with another solution. 
  • lemster68
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    Think about using multiple operators on your signal.  One that I can think about being useful for you is Cycle On.  When you switch back into auto.  The program will not just start itself.  You will have to get either a start system input or MotorOnStart for the program to start, thus the signal cycle on will be off when you first go into auto.
    Lee Justice
  • So PLC only enabling homing button if "wz Home"=1 AND "homeseqcomplete"=0 ?

    If so, maybe you can trick the PLC by removing the row "Set homeseqcomplete" in the sequence, and instead add a cross connection from "wz Home" to "homeseqcomplete" with inverted actor (homeseqcomplete is 0 if wz Home is 1) ?
    Swedish freelance ABB robot programmer
  • If you have the MultiTasking option on the controller I would advise you to do the "cross-connection" in a background task instead. There is a function OpMode() that you can use to tell if the system is in Auto or not. If you don't have MultiTasking maybe an interrupt (TRAP routine) could do the trick instead. I'm personally not too fond of using cross-connections, since they are not searchable in any easy way which can be confusing to maintenance/service personel if there are problems later on.