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Orientation out of reach

Building a palletizing application.  Pick work object, pallet object.  I record Pick and pallet Origin robot targets, (0,0,0) of their respective work objects, then based on box size I offset position from these robot targets.  I can jog to each origin robot target with manual and within the respective work object.

within each of my work objects X+, Y + follow the right hand rule.

I move between Pick and Place via intermediate point; however when I attempt to move from the intermediate to the  final pallet position I recieve "50201 orientation outside of reach.  I have verified in manual jog that all of the positions are reachable.


    darn! equation converting to quaternions messing with position
  • Hasala_SR
    Hi Arisa,

    I am going through the same issue. Can you explain a bit about how you amended this issue?
    Thanks in advance.