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Robot load Identification

I am working in a palletizing application using IRB660 180 3.15. The robot cell has an input conveyor which feed carton box(35kg) with strapping on it and Output conveyor with pallet for palletizing.
I have this particular situations where i receive the carton box without strapping so the robot will pick the carton box alone without the component. i don't have a load cell with robot EOAT. Is there any way to identify the load and the robot gets to be acknowledged whether its picking 35kg carton box or empty carton box.

I know if we are picking the known weight , we can use the Gripload function after we define the loaddata.


  • revans
    The intended way is to use a load cell as you mentioned, and that would give much more reliable data. However, you might be able to use the function GetJointData.

    GetJointData has the option to get the estimated external torque on the joint. Depending how you are picking, you will see most the of torque on joint 3 I expect. Then you should be able to calculate the weight of what the robot is holding. The problem with is is the accuracy of the calculation will not be great, however, with a 35 kg difference, you should see decently different values.

    You will most likely need to have the robot wait in place for a little bit to get the most accurate reading.