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RS2023.1 Release Date

Is there a release date scheduled for RS2023.1?

It was posted in the forum the date was in April.

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  • Maxim Riabichev
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    Hello there,

    Unfortunately the release has been delayed, multiple times, for various reasons.

    It should be out this month, but I don't dare to make any promises.

    That's all the information I have right now.

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer


  • Neily03
    Neily03 ✭✭✭
    Now that 2023.1 has been released is there a date for compatible powerpacs?  Painting PowerPac 2022.3 causes it crash instantly.

    Also a suggestion, could powerpac compatibility be listed in the release notes, this isn't the first time a new version of RS has been released that isn't compatible with the current powerpacs.....
  • Hello Neily03,

    There's a compatibility "clue" in the version number in the PowerPac release.

    Meaning that Painting PowerPac 2022.3 would be compatible with RS 2022.3. However, there's no guarantee that it would be compatible with RS 2023.1, which is a future release of RobotStudio (from the perspective of the PowerPac release).

    If your projects require a certain PowerPac to function, you shouldn't update RobotStudio until a PowerPac is available with the same version number as the new RobotStudio release.

    Alternatively, you could have multiple RobotStudio installations - such as RS 2022.3.x and RS 2023.1 at the same time. You can then use RS 2022.3 with the PowerPac, and RS 2023.1 for other projects that do not require the PowerPac (until PowerPac 2023.1 is released).

    Regarding the release notes:
    RobotStudio release notes will not contain the information regarding which RobotStudio version supports which PowerPac version, as RobotStudio is not released to support a certain version of a PowerPac - it's the other way around. So in the Painting PowerPac 2023.1 release notes we can see in Chapter 6.1: "Painting PowerPac 2023.1 requires RobotStudio 2023.1."

    I hope this information helps to clear out some confusion regarding this topic.

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer