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Array in Robotstudio

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Can I take up this concern again:

I also like working with arrays, but Robotstudio doesn't support them. In my opinion, arrays are the easiest way to implement things like a magazine that isn't precise enough to be calculated. They are also useful when dealing with multiple "previous points" and "post points."

If you look at Stäubli, it is almost impossible to program without arrays.

However, there are two pain points with arrays in Robotstudio:

  • Firstly, the array points do not synchronize down to the station. So, if you have an array and need to adjust or check the position, you have to save every position to a "normal" robtarget, create a move instruction, download it, make the adjustment, upload it, and copy the new position to the array. This process is not really practical. The same issue arises if you have offsets and relative tooling in your move instruction.
  • Secondly, the arrays are not displayed very well in the editor. (Unfortunately, I am unable to insert screenshots anymore.)

How it's formats when insert a array from snipet:
    VAR num myNumArray2x4{2,4}:=[[11,12,13,14],

    VAR num myNumArray2x4x2{2,4,2}:=[[[1,1],[2,2],[3,3],[4,4]],[[1,1],[2,2],[3,3],[4,4]]];

    VAR num myNumArray4x2{4,2}:=[[11,12],

And how it could look like more interpretable:
(Unfortunately it is not displayed as I imagined it, the "[" and "," should be vertically below each other and always the same size, so that you can clearly see which value is which array element.)
VAR num myNumArray2x4{2,4}:=[[1211,  12,      13,  14],
                                                         [    21,  22,  2223,  24]];

VAR num myNumArray2x4x2{2,4,2}:=[[[1,100], [2,2],  [     3,3], [4,4]],
                                                                  [[1,    1], [2,2], [1003,3], [4,4]]];

VAR num myNumArray4x2{4,2}:=[[11,12],

I would also have liked to show a screenshot of the panel, because there the array is shown very clearly!

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  • Maxim Riabichev
    edited July 2023
    Hello @anderer

    Thank you for this suggestion. I will speak to RS R&D and see what's possible to implement and not.

    Regarding screenshots. It is possible to attach images that are hosted elsewhere. For example if you upload to, then from there click the image and then right-click it and copy image address. Then simply attach image button and paste the url (that ends with .png).

    Here's an example: 

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer
  • anderer
    Thanks for explanation!

    Here are the screenshots:

    (Unfortunately, the arrays at Omnicore don't look quite as good anymore either.)