RS saves users from previous online sessions

since RS2022.3 it seems that RobotStudio remembers the last users in the user dialog when logging in. It looks like this for me:

Am I online on Robots at Customer A with a User Expert - I can log in as an Expert
If I go online to customer B on a robot that has not defined a User Expert, Expert still appears in the selection field of the login dialog. Robot Studio has saved this user somewhere (registry?) - If I accidentally log in to customer B with Expert, I get a RobAPI exception!??

Even after the new installation of RS2022.3 and RS2023.1, users from older installations appear in the login dialog, although these users do not exist on the current robot!?

1. Is it a bug or a feature that RS saves the users, it was never like that before?
2. How can you prevent saving or where can you find the saved User in the registry to delete them?

Thank You!


  • DenisFR
    DenisFR ✭✭✭
    You can find in %localappdata%\ABB\RobotStudio\Options202X.xml file a key:
    <Property key="LastUsedFiles.UASUsersa" type="String">YOURLOGIN</Property>

    I strongly advise you to save the file before editing it. ;)

  • daniel72
    edited June 26
    Hello Denis,

    thanks for your answer
    Yes, in the Config2023.xml there were two entries per user, after I deleted them, they were no longer available in the login dialog.

    I created a TestUser online on the robot, TestUser is in options2023.xml. If I delete the TestUser in the system, the two entrys in options2023.xml remains  and testUser still appears in userdialog
    If I accidentally log as TestUser, I get the RobAPI exception.

    ABB developers: what's the point?

  • Hello Daniel,

    This sounds like a strange functionality.

    Please contact your local ABB and report it as a potential bug.


    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer
  • daniel72
    edited July 29
    The user who was last active when disconnecting RS without "logging out" from the controller and is deleted after reconnecting is saved incorrectly. This also happens with RS2023.2

    I reported the behavior to my local ABB contact