Robot Studio 2023.2 & ArcWelding PowerPac


I have downloaded the latest RobotStudio, and the latest Arcwelding 1 & 2 power pacs, but get an error when trying to use the power pac.  (object not set as an instance) or something like that.

Had to uninstall everything robot studio related a reinstall studio 2022 in order to continue working on my current projects with arc power pac.

Do I need to wait for a 2023.2 version of the power pacs before i can carry on?

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  • Maxim Riabichev
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    Hello there,

    Power Pacs are compatible only with the same version of RobotStudio as themselves.

    E.g. Arc welding Power Pac 2023.1 will be compatible with RS 2023.1 but not 2023.2.

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer


  • pat.clifton
    edited July 2023
    Thanks for the info.  Shame the power pacs are not updated at the same time as RS.  All good now, as the power pacs are now up to date.