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How to Read Robot Joint Positions via OPC UA in Visual Components

I am working on simulating an ABB robot in VC. I want to do this by creating an OPC connection which reads the joint positions of a simulated robot in RobotStudio and allows the robot in VC to mimic those positions.

I am using ABB's IoT gateway, as well as Unified Automation demo OPC server. Using two just for testing purposes.

My VC simulation is successfully connected to both.

In the Station Logic of my virtual controller, I've created an OPC client for each server, and both connected successfully.

However, now I see no information from the robot available. In an example I was following online, some data like the joint positions should just be available under the folder DeviceSet, but DeviceSet is empty for me.

I'm assuming there is some missing/incorrect configuration on the OPC clients in the Station Logic, but I'm really lost.

Any help on what I'm missing or doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.