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IRC5 won't continue in auto after switching to manaul to fix issue

Hi, brains trust,

I have an IRC5 welding robot that has been hacked by several untrained operators, with the following setup.
2 welding stations, one on either side of the robot, both sides have sliding doors for access
Station 1, has 2 x jigs A&B
Station 2, has 2 x jigs C&D

The issue is when running in auto (only on station 1) when there is an issue e.g. joint collision or weld arc error, I do the following.
  • Switch from auto to manual
  • open door
  • correct issue
  • close door
  • switch back to auto
  • turn motors back on 
  • ISSUE, when I press the Play button on the teach pendant the door will open with an "Auto Open" error every time and the only way to reset the issue is to take the robot home and then call routine "finish station"
Now if I have the same issue on station 2, I follow the exact steps as above except when I press the play button on the teach pendant the program starts from where it was stopped in the program.

I've looked through the program several hundred times and can't see where the issue is occurring. Not sure if it's in the configuration?

Any help is muchly appreciated.



  • Hallo, you might compare both configurations, especially EIO.cfg. What about PLC program (door-lock)?