[Bug] RS never show Tool frame (When Link is not Visible)

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From some times, even with RS2023.2, I can't see tools frames.
Graphics Tools - Show/Hide - All Target/Frames: Checked
Home - Paths&Targets - VC: Active
Home - Paths&Targets - VC - T_ROB1: Visible
Home - Paths&Targets - VC - T_ROB1 - Tooldata - tool0 - View: Visible

With Graphics Tools - Show/Hide - Frame Names: Checked
Only Workobjects are visible. (path too)

Are ToolFrame excluded of Frames?

EDIT: I found that if I hide last Robot Link (==tool0), the ToolFrame disappears too.
Not really convenient, as I hide them to not check collision with gripper...
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  • DenisFR
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  • Johannes Weiman
    Frames that are attached to the robot flange actually become part of the same graphics hierarchy, partly because of performance reasons. So when you hide the flange, the frames are also culled. 

    If you need to check collisions between tool and robot I'd suggest only adding the robot links that are likely to collide to the collision set, rather than hiding links.
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