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Quick way to simulate a palletising pattern?


I have been simulating a system where a robot has to palletise 90 parts. To simulate this I decided to create 90 components and keep them in their pattern, then hide them all before making them appear when the robot places the particular part. 

Being new to the modeling / simulation side of Robot studio the only way i could think to do this with the given tools was to 

> Set a GO from the robot 
> attached the GO to a Smart component Input 
> Used that GI along with 90 "comparators" and 90 "Show" components. 

As you can imagine this took a long time, was easy to miss and make mistakes with and not that easy to find and correct them after. Its also causing my simulation to lag.

This got me thinking for something so standard for robots there has to be an easier / quicker way of doing this. Has anyone got one they'd like to share with me? 

Im thinking ABB have a plug in that might help?

Thanks for all advice in advance :)